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    Wesley Pattinson

    Mass Timber in Mass

    Materiality Section (with Detail Labels) Detail 1 Detail 2 Ground Floor Plan Typical Floor Plan Site and Climate Map

    Materiality Section (with Detail Labels)

    My project is an extension of my dissertation, in which I explored the use and possibilities of multi-story mass timber architecture in the Northeast United States.




    Architects and contractors in Europe have been experimenting heavily with mass timber in architectural design when it comes to mid- and high-rise construction. However, in the United States, the architects, and contractors there have done less experimentation with this material. This is especially the case in the Northeast, even though the region has the necessary forest resources to support mass timber construction. For this project, I created a set of mass timber buildings for a site in Lower Roxbury in Boston, MA. The main building that I created is a mixed-use housing complex featuring 1, 2 and 3-bedroom flats, as well as commercial space for shops and offices. In addition, I also featured a mixed-use carpark that serves as a carpark and a recreation space.

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