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    Vincent Pu Zhang

    Big Noise Balloch

    With a critical and speculative design approach, the proposal projects a future scenario for the children of Sistema Scotland while also replaying the history by a meaningful geographical line.




    The envisioned system allows ever greater affordability, connectedness, and playfulness for the users. The design proposal aims to identify and respond to four main areas for the theme of Culture: 1) Tackling a spiritual crisis for faith and spiritual fulfillment. 2) Developing individuality and personal identity. 3) ‘Retreat but advance’, putting art at the service of society. 4) Encouraging equality and inclusivity, adaptable to any background, class and culture.

    The ‘plug-in’ system replays and redefines what has been understood as capsule/pod buildings that have in history always effected sheer visual expressions without the ideal practicality. The project also experiments and investigates the use of carbon fibre for building structure in the envisioned scenario. Learning the consequences, it explores speculatively both the possibilities and impracticalities of this material, developing a thesis, or an antithesis.


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