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    Viktoria Georgieva

    House of RE

    External View Model Studies Performance Through Space South Side Recycling Factory Internal View

    External View

    Recycling textile performance space.




    Looked from the outside, the design would complement the natural scenery and contribute to the atmosphere of the urban park. Almost invisible from the street, the building opens up as a huge and welcoming hug towards the river, giving a sneak peek of what would be happening inside. House of RE- would not only serve as the traditional performance space, but it would be a place where people could experience, learn and take part in the recycling process of old garments. It would acknowledge everyone stepping into its doors that it takes many efforts and only through collaboration between the main public and the creator, a significant change would be accomplished. While presenting it in a fun and interesting way, it would address fast-fashion and consumer problems and encourage people to take part in the recycling process and think more about the environment.

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