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    Serene Nemer

    The Barras Cross Cultural Exchange

    The Auditorium Ground Floor Different scales of connection / Long Section (AA) Entrance Sequence and Auditorium / Cross Section (BB) The Cloister The Courtyard / Cross Section (CC)

    The Auditorium

    An exploration of cultural connection and understanding through different modes of expression.




    It can be argued that we are living in an increasingly cellular
    society. With domestic and productive life progressively merging, as well as many experiences being at our fingertips digitally, there is a greater emphasis needed on communal spaces.

    “Food can be an act of solidarity. It can be used to explore the social relationships and the places where we live...” Rumpus Room article, December 2020

    The thesis centres around the notion of shared culture. It considers the changing demographics within the Calton and Bridgeton area and wider - within Scotland. It takes the idea of food being an act of solidarity as well as the social and educational theme of cultural buildings and expand that into a hybrid civic building with a multifaceted programme by incorporating the different elements of culture.

    In doing so it hopes to work on an individual scale connecting people through food, craft, literature, movement and language. As well as on the city scale reconnecting The Barras to the wider city.

    Through smaller and larger scale collective experiences, the architecture of The Barras Cross Cultural Exchange aims to provide people with the opportunity for reflection and connection through a shared understanding of cultures.

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