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    Megan Devlin


    House Work Third Space - City Third Space - Collective Third Space - District Third Space - Individual Sharing Space

    House Work

    The district proposal is rooted in ‘female friendship’. The concept of ‘third space’ offers opportunity for intimate/private and social/public moments in both the domestic and labour spheres.




    The capitalist economy of our time would not be present without the patriarchy, the two are intrinsically linked. Housing is located in the domestic sphere which has been a traditionally privatised area of life. This is relevant when looking at social structures concerning gender for economic pursuit. Throughout our history, in the nuclear family, the domestic labours have typically been placed on women where women take on the household chores as well as giving up her time to care for others 24/7. In this scenario, the idea that the home is privatised plays a significant role in the moulding and reinforcing patriarchal and capitalist structures.

    Margin to Centre Approach -

    The proposal will also provide an additional ‘room’ in conjunction with the home and work spheres, the ‘third space’. This space provides an alternative living space which is neither home nor workplace offering relief from both spheres. As much of the space in the city is tailored towards the able-bodied, white-man, the third space offers flexible spaces for those on the fringes of society who at present face challenges in accessing spaces out with either realm.

    The district tackles these issues by providing shared domestic facilities to separate the two spheres. This will remove the burden from women and allow them a dynamic work/life balance where they can achieve better access to paid work.

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