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    Lina Khairy

    Aberdeen Market: A Magnificent Space

    re-adapted Market Market History / The beauty of the existing structure Interior Exploration: Collages and Sections Re-adapted Plan / Facade collage exploration Re-adapted market 2 Re-adapted Market 3

    re-adapted Market

    This project provokes thought on how we think about so-called “ugly” buildings in our built environment. Aberdeen Market is seen as an eyesore, but through its reuse, it can become a magnificent space




    This thesis is a provocation challenging our existing attitude towards structures that we think are of no value, encouraging the unlearning of our biases and looking beyond to what they can truly become. Oftentimes they are buildings with problems, not buildings that are problems.
    The Aberdeen market has always been described as an eyesore, unfit for use. However, with our current climate emergency, we simply cannot afford to demolish buildings, particularly of this colossal scale, for this building stands at 100m long and 30m wide.
    Thus, I explore the existing structure through collages, physical modelling, and photography. In doing so, I reveal its beauty through space, volume, light, showing how the existing structure is a wealthy resource with the potential to be much more than it seems. Thus, this is a conversation in adaptive reuse, exploring the market’s potential to become a magnificent civic space yet again with a few simple interventions.
    It is a place of beauty waiting to be revealed.

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