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    Kylie McCabe

    Upcycling Fashion Hub

    A brick vessel, with a twist. Glass slices down the middle, punched out industrial windows extrude from the sides whilst a community mosaic trickles up the tower's fa├žade.




    Can an upcycling fashion hub help the community of Easterhouse tackle their main issues of employment and education?

    The projects aim to regenerate the Easterhouse area which over the years has gained a bad reputation due to drug and violence by giving it new lease of life through fashion. There are ongoing social issues from Easterhouse that have been prevalent from the creation of town. Leading to a lack of community heart and hardly any community facilities, which has led to the idea of a Fashion Hub. In the hope that all genders and age join to bring this lost community into a new life and bring a new sense of identity and ownership into Easterhouse. The fashion hub will be place where the community feel free can connect with one another through laughter, fun, and escapism.
    The fashion hub aims to address abundant issues of employment and education, giving residents an opportunity to further their careers and themselves. Given the ability to learn new transferrable skills whilst also being able to tackle and understand important issues of today about sustainability by means of circular fashion. All aspects of fashion will be taught from the design straight through to fabrication and in the end having the ability to display and host performances. Recognition is key through the performances with the potential to kick-start someone's career and through the bigger picture of changing the perception of Easterhouse as a whole.

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