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    Agne Jagelaite

    New Life // Old Ruins

    Garleton Castle / Brewery

    Garleton Castle / Brewery

    A new vision for re-purposing and re-using abandoned castle ruins in East Lothian and wider Scotland.




    The proposal is a new vision for castle ruin use, through creating new and boosting existing rural economy, and promoting small town regeneration. The scheme proposes new infrastructure to generate a better living. The overall design proposal focuses on how business and people could be helped to thrive in rural areas through re-purposing castle ruins, while addressing such crisis as climate, food and ecology.

    The project introduces 5 new regenerative uses for rural communities within castle ruins sites. These are: production, relaxation, growing, entertainment and making. The 5 new uses are then realised through 5 new typologies, which consist of: a brewery, relaxation centre, greenhouse, venue and theatre space, and pottery workshops.

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