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    Joanna Rosado

    We Live

    We Live is a project that aims to destigmatize elderly care and older age in general.




    Moving into care facility is often essential. It usually causes an emotional trauma- it affects older per­son's mental health and is devastating to the family .. We Live was created with the hope that this can be changed. That such trauma can be avoided, if not, at least, reduced.
    We Live is a happy, optimistic place, where life goes in accordance to individuals' inner rhythm and needs., Everybody feels respected and safe there, independence is supported and promoted. It feels like home, not like hospital. Bedrooms are suitable for couples and single people. Com­munal spaces offer pleasant and vibrant atmosphere. Visi­tors of any age are always welcomed- they are an integral part of residents everyday lives. Colourful, full of light and spacious spaces boost energy. Cafe enables hanging out with friends while having a cuppa and a wee snack.
    We Live is a good place to work for carers and medical staff- friendly, safe and fully adapted to senior residents needs, this helps in reducing work related stress.
    We Live brings the message- that whatever age we are at we deserve to feel respected and equally important members of the society.

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