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    Gary Yeow

    XYZ : Unknown Variables and Events

    Propagation and media Introductory narration and issue statement Longitudinal elevation displays of parasitic architecture Marriage of existing structure and mobile elements Components and parts as flexible installations

    Propagation and media

    What would be the future of architectural practice? Who will the architects be in 2050? What's next after graduation? The project is never craving for answer, but more questions.




    This proposal set in an imaginative scenario of ‘what architects will be in 2050’, where the role of the professionals are no longer constraint and limited in a specialised circle of scope, but flourish into wider understanding and scope in architectural practice.

    Seeing the potentials of motorway and its infrastructures all around the world, this mobile tectonical structure will be held as an universal experiment, grounded for the architectural students and practitioners to celebrate an attempt to dive into various positions and emphasize the engagement with the people, in a grassroot basis, rather than top-down hierarchical system. While the events and programmes are suggested in align with globalised framework for the ease of logistics and construction method, the internal activities will be contextually sensitive and organic, in correspondence to the local community and participated by local architects and institutions.

    It is also an idea of bringing in multidisciplinary and alternative practice to challenge the existing, prevailing conventional modus operandi in the architectural field. Despite the renderings are ‘architectural’ curated, the imageneries are intended to be abstract and extract the essence of event (software), and architectural tectonics (hardware) to implement its effect.


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