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    Elena Mileva

    The WireHouse

    Yard View in Daytime Exploded Isometric Circular Strategies Short Section Yard Diagrams Venue Night Time View

    Yard View in Daytime

    The proposal brings a new life to a B-listed abandoned factory by offering the community a cultural hub that functions 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.




    The WireHouse seeks to enhance the social and leisure offer in the area and to promote social integration within the community by encouraging it to come together and strengthen the residents’ sense of belonging to the area.

    The complex program combines different communal spaces, a venue that can accommodate diverse events in daytime, whilst at night it turns into a nightclub and an outdoor yard that can be inhabited year-round.

    The project also addresses and explores wider strategies such as retrofit and circular development to develop a building with a minimum carbon footprint that responses to the current global challenges.

    Our natural and urban environment is changing and to deal with the current issues and minimise the future effects, we need to reshape the ways we engage and develop the city.

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