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    Elena Benitez Espino

    Growing Possilpark

    Perspective Masterplan Axonometric. Building & site. Small Interventions. Sitting spaces & Possil-Coffee Exterior views Interior views


    Growing Possilpark consists of different spaces for the community designed to improve mental health and build a circular economy for the local community by the implementation of coffee & green spaces.




    Growing Possilpark tackles mental health in one of the most deprived neighbourhoods in Glasgow, Possilpark. This has been achieved by the implementation of three different stages: a masterplan, a building and small interventions. Gardening is a great way to improve mental health, and so is Coffee. Coffee has a mood-boosting effect as well as a social aspect. That is why Growing Possilpark focuses on growing coffee beans, as a way of bringing people together, help improve mental health and, at the same time, bring back the community economy Possilpark had. The building has other spaces that help learn and develop skills for future job opportunities. This and other spaces to develop skills are designed to create a circular economy in the neighbourhood. The building represents what Possilpark was and what it can be; Possilpark was an industrial neighbourhood with lots of jobs and a community economy. The community spirit is still present in Possilpark and people living in the neighbourhood feel part of a community. That’s why Growing Possilpark will be an important landmark in the community of Possilpark.

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