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    Damien Maher

    Stromness Seaweed Centre

    Night Time Visual Site Plan Seaweed Drying Racks Exterior Visual Perspective Section Process Diagram

    Night Time Visual

    The Stromness Seaweed Centre, an industrial building floating on Hamnavoe Bay which will revitalise the seaweed industry in Stromness, Orkney.




    My individual project, the seaweed farm, aims to cultivate, harvest and produce seaweed products on a self powering, floating platform. The floating working platform will consist of a seaweed hatchery to cultivate seaweed which will then be harvested off the shore in Orkney. Once the seaweed is harvested it is transported back to Hamnavoe Bay where it is dried naturally on a series of floating drying racks. From here it is transported back to the floating platform where it passes through a range of processes to produce seaweed food, cosmetic, fertiliser and compost which will in turn provide for the masterplan and whole of Orkney islands. The project aims to be self powering, fuelled by a biogas created by biodegradable seaweed and also using a water source heat pump. This project aims to revitalise the seaweed industry in Stromness and the products and jobs created from the farm will serve the people of Orkney.

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