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    Anthony Mazeli

    To Play

    'Balconies' in long section of floating cinema drum Short section depicting functioning programme Programme axonometric with seating layout Cinema pod concept (Hand drawing) Fourth floor plan with underlaying seating arrangements 'Transparent' building elevation exposing programme beyond

    'Balconies' in long section of floating cinema drum

    Theme: 'To Play' Cinema as a performance space through the lens of a global pandemic.




    The concept of this project explores the theme “to play” in the more literal sense of the phrase. As cinemas seem to walk that last mile, guided by the global pandemic, the theme presents itself in the form of the building programme. While we are now able to enjoy video presentations through modern technological advancements within the comforts of our own homes, the fact still remains that the cinema experience trumps that of the home. Most consumers may prefer the latter due to its ease of accessibility, reducing footfall for some cinema venues.
    My question:
    “How do we bring customers back to the cinema?”

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