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    Amelia Lepkowska

    Dream Factory

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    Perspective view

    Imagine, a cure for sleep is invented and people do not need to sleep anymore. Dreams would also be lost. Far, far away, on the Isle of Skye, there is a factory that produces a synthetic alternative.




    Dreams have always been a subject of human interest. Throughout history, people tried to find their meaning; some thought they were projections of the future and had spiritual significance. Freud claimed they revealed our repressed wishes; Jung, on the other hand, suggested dreams tried to communicate important things that our conscious self was not aware of. The function of dreams has not been fully explained. Nonetheless, we know dreams play a major role in the process of remembering and dealing with emotions.

    Set within a hypothetical future, where a cure for sleep was invented, and natural dreams got eradicated, the Dream Factory supplies a synthetic alternative. Located on the Isle of Skye, this facility produces site-specific dreams and ingredients are 'caught' locally.

    The Dream Factory is, just like Edgar Allan Poe's poem, 'a dream within a dream'. Dreams, in their essence, are based on pieces of our memories. The Dream Factory has been developed through piecing together research on dreams, factories and Scotland, mixed with a pinch of fantasy. By doing this, a dream factory is created, which is and makes dreams.


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