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    Rosemary Milne

    How to Clothe a Naked City: Architectures in a Discrepant Landscape

    Exhibition proposal: Architectures unpack across Manhattan Nine Architectures on Broadway measure a changing topography Giving utterance to discrepancies via small architectures Casting the real upon the rendered; proposals on Broadway Plan for one of the Nine Architectures of Discrepancy Paramount Pipes Palace: The Spoken Word Theatre

    Exhibition proposal: Architectures unpack across Manhattan

    An 1847 photograph pictures the Brennan Farm, perched atop a crumbling cliff as 84th Street rends through the land. Edgar Allan Poe boarded here, living on the verge between two landscapes: the “islan




    Manhattan is a landscape flattened. Once the "Island of Many Hills," it has since been bulldozed and recreated - flattened, stripped naked, and re-dressed. Following investigations into Manhattan's Theatre and Garment districts, nine theatric Architectures unpack across Broadway as a jacket unpacks from a wardrobe, each one a measure in the landscape. The Architectures measure the topographic discrepancies of Manhattan's landscape, and, in doing so, give utterance to the demographic discrepancies of Manhattan as an urban space: Architectures archive changes in height across time, and in doing so create stages for those on the margins of Broadway: vendors, artists, buskers, veterans, poets, peanut sellers and street performers.


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