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    Anson Lai

    Afterlife Of Extraction: Coastal Regeneration of Cromarty Firth

    The Fragmented Cromarty Firth The coastal landscape regeneration The Dynamic System of Rejuvenated River The Dynamic System of Intertidal Mudflat & Saltmarsh

    The Fragmented Cromarty Firth

    The project aims to regenerate the fragmented coastal landscape of the Cromarty Firth due to the rapid growth of the oil industry and to create a dynamic network connecting the whole of Firth.




    In this Anthropocene epoch, landscapes are being harmed by rapid urbanization. The coastal landscape changed by the expansion of coastal infrastructure to sustain the growth of residential, commercial, industrial, needs. Cromarty Firth is the showcase of how ‘Anthropocene/Capitalocene’ as the new geological epoch effect and transforms the global landscape and environment. The socio-economic transformation of the Firth is driven by fossil fuel extraction and industry. This transformation is also causing the fragmentation of the coastal landscape of the Cromarty Firth.

    From the above context, the project will focus on the area of Nigg Bay, the edge of the Cromarty Firth. Discover the geology and ecological potential of defragmenting the coastal landscape of the Firth. The project is aimed to create a continuous network along the Firth in various forms, a boardwalk, parks, or patches of greenery. To regenerate the natural habitat along the coastline through rejuvenating the watercourse, expanding the natural landscape to the intensive agricultural field. Ultimately using the network to defragment the coastal landscape of the Firth due to the fossil fuel extraction, embracing the natural heritage, and create a green network for the whole Cromarty Firth. Also, using the network to reimagine the afterlife of extraction.


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